Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you could simply box up your product and ship it from China? Or order whatever you please from Taiwan and have it delivered straight to your door? But rules, regulations, and a multitude of government agencies complicate that straight line. Let us take the hassle out of importing and exporting for you.

Your Cargo Is Our Priority

Whether importing hard freight or perishable goods such as fresh fish or vegetables, we support a critical part of your supply chain to ensure efficient clearance of your goods.

Simply put. Agra-Services and its staff value your business and your cargo. It would be our pleasure to expedite your imported goods.

Your partner in Customs Clearances since 1983.


Air Perishable

Hard Freight

Late Night & Weekend Clearances

In-Bond Services (IT, T&E, IE)

As your trusted partner in sea freight import solutions, Agra-Services brings decades of experience to your import efforts at the click of a mouse…


ISF & Remote Entry Filing

Freight Forwarding Solutions

Fresh or Frozen Ocean Perishable

Located less than one mile outside JFK Int’l Airport with 35 Years of experience at the same location. We have a Dedicated Staff of dozens of Committed representatives with one goal, to ensure efficient and expedited clearance of your goods. Let us prove it to you, Contact us today.

Questions? Send us an email with any question you may have.
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