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AGRA-Services Brokerage Co., Inc.
221-20 147th Ave.
Jamaica, NY 11413

Phone: 718-527-0560
Fax: 718-723-8645

Innovative Ideas Allow Us To Serve You Better

Agra-Services is completely dedicated to providing you with everything you need to overcome the challenges that arise while importing and exporting. This dedication has brought about some innovative services you're sure to find valuable.

7-Day-a-Week Service

Have a weekend need? We can help! Not only are we open Monday through Friday, we're also open every weekend for your convenience. Since steamships and aircraft never stop working, neither do we! Unlike some import/export transportation companies, we maintain a highly trained staff that offers personalized service seven days a week. Not an answering serviceÖ real live people who can assist you. Office hours are 8:00 am to 6:00 pm eastern time Monday through Friday and 8:00 am to 4:00 pm eastern time Saturday and Sunday.

Real-time Information When You Need It

Our customized AGRALINK software system is designed to give you the real-time information you need. Yes, you can track your cargo and receive up-to-the-minute status reports, but that's not all. AGRALINK will also provide you with timely information about your accounts, along with the latest import/export information and regulations. Print invoice copies, pull up statements, send questions to your entry clerk, and much more.

Along with AGRALINK, we also offer you a variety of other exceptional services designed to keep you up-to-date including:

  • Nightly Automated ACH Cash Flow Statement via email
  • Electronic email or faxing of invoices
  • Customs ACH payment reports
  • Daily Importers Newsletter (posted to the Internet)
  • Email Accounting Statements
  • Free spam-free email accounts for our clients

Any of the above services can be provided for your account.

State-of-the-Art Security

"Rent-a-Cops" and security cameras are not enough for our clients! That's why we've built a state-of-the-art security system to protect your cargo. Our onsite, private security patrol makes its rounds to ensure your shipments in our warehouse are safe. Since people can't be everywhere at once, we've also installed an impressive electronic surveillance system consisting of strategically placed electronic "eyes" that monitor our entire warehouse complex. In addition, your cargo is protected by motion detectors and contact switches for added security. We monitor our facility 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to provide full-time protection of your valuable products.

As you can see, we fully understand that our success depends on your success. We make every effort to ensure your import/export shipments are handled as if they were our own.

Let us handle the complicated issues of import/export so you can handle the business of making money. Contact us today for a detailed quote.

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For more information call Frank at 718-527-0560
Agra Customs Alert
Date: Monday, May 10, 2004
Subject: FDA Prior Notice Filing
To: All Clients
From: Howard Berman; Vice President - CFO

Please note Thursday May 13, 2004 FDA will remove the grace period for failing to file prior notice for cargo entering into the United States. FDA requires prior notice at least four hours prior to aircraft landing on all air shipments.

FDA requires prior notice at least 24 hours prior to steamship docking on all ocean shipments.

The only proof of obtaining prior notice from the FDA is the 12 digit FDA Prior Notice Certification number issued directly by FDA. Currently Agra-Services Brokerage Co, Inc. obtains this number during the normal processing of Customs Entries. Should our office not transmit arrival information for cargo and your office has not obtained an FDA Prior Notice Certification number directly, FDA has the right to hold your cargo at the port of entry. There are several reasons why our office may not transmit the FDA prior notice information within the required time frame. Some of these reasons are listed below, but they are not limited to:

All information necessary to transmit the Customs part of the entry was not provided to our office.

Authority to make Customs entry has not been given to us by the importer.

The ABI (Automated Brokerage Interface) system with Customs is down (either on our side or Customs side.)

The shipper or client is over their credit limit, which prevents our system from processing the Customs Entry. It is important for customers, importers, and shippers to understand the FDA prior notice obtained by our office may not occur within the time frame as required by FDA. Therefore it is suggested that each shipping company, and importing company set up a system within their organization to assure that Prior Notice requirements for FDA are complied with. Agra-Services Brokerage Co, Inc., itís employees, and agents will not be held responsible or liable if shipments do not have prior notice confirmations. Specific arrangements must be made with our office in the form of a signed FDA Prior Notice Agreement. This agreement is a contract between our firms that stipulates our agreement to undertake the responsibility for processing FDA prior notice on your shipments. Additional information regarding FDA prior notice can be obtained directly from FDAís web site at:
The Best Customs Treatment For Your Cargo
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The Best Customs Tools For Your Cargo
Free Real-Time Customs Information
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